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Gone are those days where the guy is the supreme in the relationship and the girl is treated as his property. The guys now know how to treat their girl well and provide them with the perfect amount of respect and social status they deserve. They uphold their female counterpart encouraging them to show their talents and in many cases the guy hides in the shadow just to put light on his female counterpart. Love has evolved and today it is not just a feeling but also respect and trust that comes with it for each other. In today’s relationships, couples are proud of each other and they should show their appreciation towards one another. Girls are one of the most important creations of god and every guy should respect their girl if not they already do. They should look up to their girl not for their physical needs but to look at them as the mother of their unborn child. They should always take care and protect their counterpart rather than being aggressive against them which was something very predominantly seen in the ages before. These “bae” and “owner of bae” t-shirts do not uphold the thought that the girl is a property of the guy, rather it sarcastically upholds the respect they have for each other. It also hits someone who thinks differently and could possibly change their point of view as well.


T-Shirts for couples with Super-Soft Material. Pre-Shrunk Cotton, Comfortable Fit.

• 100% Cotton
• Regular Fit
• Ribbed knit crew neck

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