King With His Queen Couple T-Shirt

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Will you be my queen so that I can live the rest of my life as a king is one hell of a proposal line. We all know that even though we always obey the king, he has to obey and love his queen. The power of someone is enhanced by the encouragement and competition he or she gets from his partner. The most powerful men and women always have a support from their partner who is no less powerful. Everyone needs to acknowledge the power one has get from his or her partner and share their success with their partner. To love someone limitless and to acknowledge and respect your partner in front of a crowd of people is someone one should always look forward to doing. A king is not someone who is driven by his queen, neither is he egoistic enough to let go the words of his queen. He is someone who maintains the balance between his duties towards others and his duties towards his queen. The lion maybe one of the most fearless creatures in the jungle but even he bows down to his lioness out of respect. These king queen couple t-shirts are a great gift to acknowledge your love and respect for your partner and also to acknowledge his or her constant support in your life.

T-Shirts for couples with Super-Soft Material. Pre-Shrunk Cotton, Comfortable Fit.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Regular Fit
  • Ribbed knit crew neck”

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His Size

2XL – 46, 3XL – 48, L – 42, M – 40, S – 38, XL – 44

Her Size

L – 38, M – 35, S – 33, XL – 40


Sky Blue, Yellow


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