Reigniting passion in your marriage

There are lots of great things about being in a long-term relationship, marriage. You have a loving partner, who is your pillar of strength in your time of need. Initially when you met him/her, you felt that intense spark between you and your partner. But as the time passes by, life gets hectic, the romance fades, a sense of companionship sets in, you become adapted to your partner, the honeymoon phase ends, you are in a comfortable phase, where everything sails smoothly, but this phase sometimes leads to an increasing monotonicity in the marriage. At this point the spark between you and your partner fizzles out.

 It is understandable that you still love them, but that chemistry isn’t there anymore. It is not your fault not theirs either. Us, humans, get bored easily and we hate monotonicity. So, to keep that flame burning, you and your partner definitely have to put some efforts, but it is definitely worth it!

So, here’s how you can keep the spark alive!

-Be touchy

Generally, after years of being together, the physicality decreases. A peck or hug a day might help you get started with reigniting your spark! These little gestures of affection help to keep the intimacy alive.

-Do something unexpected

Nothing can beat unexpected surprises, the sudden rush of happiness is blissful, it makes your partner feel special instantly, however small the gift is, a gift is a gift after all. It is highly recommended to surprise your spouse with a token of love from time to time!


-Be adventurous

Go on trekking trips, riverrafting, skydiving, etc!

-Plan dates

Select a day and time each week, where you both can relax and enjoy each other’scompany, take alternative turns to plan the wholedate, it is a creative as well as a fun way!

-Do something new

Plan something that you haven’t ever done together, such activities helps to break the monotonicity!

-Intimate conversations

After being together for years, people stop communicating effectively, so put your gadgets aside once in a while, snuggle up to each other and talk! About everything!


It brings the memories back, when you and your partner were in the initial days of romance. Also, it brings back the initial excitement!

-Appreciate each other

Once you get used to your partner, you often forget the art of complimenting. Compliment them if they are looking nice, appreciate their qualities once in a while!

-Sleep closer together

That same rush of brain chemicals can also come from physical contact in bed—and not just during sex, either. Sleeping skin-to-skin, whether it’s full-on spooning or even just touching toes, can have relationship benefits, too.


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