Keep the spark alive, try breaking rules

Being in love is a beautiful feeling. But after the honeymoon phase is over, people start todrift apart for many reasons. Theycomplain of losing the “spark” in their relationship. Someblame it on evolved differences, the sheer familiarity, or to the increasing monotonicity of the relationship. Most of the times, at such stage couples often lose sight of where their relationship is heading, they give up on each other and seek excitement elsewhere.

Many questions arise regarding such behaviour, it’s better to sort out those first.

Do you still love that person?

In most cases, after a few initial years, the relationship hits a monotonous note. Humans always seek something different and they get easily bored. It’s in our very nature. Be it food, clothes or anything. So, feeling that spark has faded even though you still care a great deal about that person doesn’t mean you don’t love them. You do, most probably.

Is experiencing such boredom and monotonicity normal?

Yes, it is normal to feel so after spending a few years together down the road.

So, how to get back the spark?

The thing we don’t realize about a relationship is that once the honeymoon phase is over, two people should still continue to be together.

Nothing is wrong, and nothing is lost.

The thing required is efforts from both the sides to make it more fun and jolly again. The secret lies in the unplanned and the unexpected!

-Remind your partner that you appreciate them! It makes them feel special and wanted

-Recall how you first fell for each!

-Don’t quit hugging and kissing your partner, these gestures are often more important in maintaining physical intimacy than intercourse itself.

-Try out different things in bed!

-Plan trips together! It is a great way of getting back the level of intimacy.

-Give little gifts, bringing their favourite flowers while coming back or taking them to an unplanned dinner date.

-Always keep aside a time for your partner until you are extremely busy.

-Have deep conversations, with no gadgets in the vicinity, it’s also a great way of strengthening and knowing what is going on in their lives.

-Try different and new things together! try a new cuisine together or an adventure sport, etc.

-Having a date night each week is also a very creative and fun way, each of you can take alternative chances to plan it!

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