How to have an intimate conversation

Are you in a relationship?

Are you hesitant to talk about intimate things, don’t know how to approach it?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then this article can definitely be of help to you!

The art of conversing is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. People often aren’t able to communicate, they are uncertain about how to start any intimate conversation, in particular. This is because it taps into our worst fears about being rejected, abandoned or some other dreadful action by our partner. 

Especially, to those who are in a relationship. Communication is very important.When you have a problem in your relationship that you’ve chosen not to share with your partner, you contribute more towards the problem.

Intimate conversations with your partner is as important as intimacy itself. For a moment, forget about the other things and think about how much time do you spend talking with your partner?

It shouldn’t include texting, sharingmemes, hies or byes, I love yous. Do you talk about deep things, things that matter to you, your fears, your childhood, aboutlife, etc. I hope you got an idea about what I mean by deep or intimate conversations.

Talking regularly to your partner about such things builds up the intimacy, strengthens the bond and hence is very necessary. Both men and women have difficulty in sharing and talking about their feelings, theirfears, life, etc. But men in majority have a tough time being able to talk about intimate things.

Here are a few suggestions about how you can improve your intimacy with your partner:

Ponder about last few days. All the activities you indulged in.

Did something interesting happened, lately?

Any event or person that impacted you, did it affect you in a good or a bad way?

Why did it impact you that way?

Discovered anything new, like a new place or learnt something new?

Did you meet someone new?

Now, sit with your partner and discuss such questions, always approach all the whys, whats, whos. It definitely will help you continue further ahead, and know yourself better, also giving your partner an insight about you!

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